A Kitty Post!

My cat always has a lot on her mind, so I insisted upon her writing a post. Here’s a diary post by my cat. (The words in italic are her writing)

i”M NOT gOOD AT tYPINg, bUt I wiLL try. mY NaME iS hASH.

(oOPS! cAps lock) 

tHis owner of mine sayS i Will improoove. aSterix is pullIng my year for ENcouRageMent

the OwNer chAsed him away now. Hey, my writing is ImpROvIng(spoke too sooon).

I think I will take over, Hash.

Lookin' down in the dumps
Hash at three months.

So, let’s start from the beginning. I was born in this apartment of strays and Persians and a lady who was doing her studies. I had lots of friends, namely Snow, Ginger Bread and B/W, (they were named after their color) and also some stray acquaintances who had this horrible black thing all over them. We shared food ,water and the same room, so it wasn’t a surprise when I got it too. Then my present owners came along and had a look at all of us. They first saw Snow, but they thought she was a little rough(she was literally clinging onto one their pants with both teeth and claws) and then they had a look at Ginger and initially decided to take her. I was feeling weak and my stomach wasn’t well, so I napped through the whole thing. Ginger boasted about it to me later. That night, however- she developed an eye infection. On their second coming to our house, they decided not to take her after all. This owner and her sister chose me because I was quieter compared to all the cats and they didn’t know that I was weak at that time.

Move to 8 months later… I’m better now. The new medicine from Australia is doing wonders and I thank God I survived that deadly mange. I have moved in well with Asterix, though he gets a little jealous at times…

Asterix watching as I eat that last cookie…


Today’s plan:

  • Will probably try to run away(just one time)
  • Will try out a daily chemical reaction: Scratch + Asterix = ?
  • Enjoy myself pushing pencils,pens,rulers,newspapers,my owner’s phone etc etc and this time from the taaall table
  • Sleep

I think I’ll start from the bottom.

dO NOT DisturB

Me. Sleep. NOW. (will continue posting after some practice)

Goodbye! 😀

She’s gone away for a nap now. Hope you enjoyed her post! 😀

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  1. Nia says:

    Having your cat write a post was cute and funny idea


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